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What? An empty blog yet again?

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Hey, you’re already there!

Quickly hides the dust under a carpet.

Welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy yourself here and that you’ll find some seeds to feed your mind! Even though, at the time of writing, there’s not much to see yet. It still smells like fresh paint!


I already attempted, a few years back, to write in a blog, but did not have much succes doing it. It had only two posts. Only one was more or less worthy of interest, and I still find it not that badly written today. I suppose it’s a good sign!

If you’re interested, it’s still available around here.

Why reattempt it then, if I wasn’t really able to succeed the first time? It’s because of these two articles:

The first, even though it dates from 2005, convinced me that I, too, should try to write on the Internet. Without real ambition nor regularity nor anything else, just write for the sake of it. By the way, you too, you should write blogs.

The second one is an article from an Iranian blogger published a few days ago, which relates his release from prison, and the world he finds after 6 years of absence. A good summary of what is happening to the Internet today… and sadly it’s not very pretty. His point joins with the actions of the FDN Feneration, and of the old Benjamin Bayard’s conferences on the Internet as Minitel 2.0 (in French).

What kind of content

A lot of things, I hope!

For now I plan to write my reflexions on diverse subjects, everything that dawns in my head. Expound my knowledge and my ideas, with or without future developments, we’ll see!

I also plan to write on technical stuff. By writing tutorials, for example. Especially on Lisp, functional and logic languages… And also by presenting my current projects.

It will certainly often be related to Scheme. I use and contribute as much as I can to the CHICKEN project, and I intend to start hacking on the compiler. With a bit of luck, some of these hacks will be useful!

You will also find, if I do not procrastinate too much, some stories and fictions on this blog. And even some music or other artistic work.

How is it done?

Given the previous paragraph, you probably suspect it… I use Scheme a lot so the software behind this blog is indeed written in Scheme.

The software itself is Hyde, a program from the CHICKEN project which enables me to generate the nice web pages you see when browsing this site! Thanks to it, I don’t have anything else to do but to type my text.

By the way, I made it so that the website should be very lightweight for fast load times, and accessible for multiple disabilities. If by any chance it’s not the case, please let me know!

We will stop there because I’ve been buttonholing you for quite some time now, I hope the next articles will interest you. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have the slightest remark. See you!