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Crepes-party-hard-yolo-swag 2015

Crepes-party-hard-yolo-swag 2015 logo

This game has been done in the context of teaching Scheme to my intern in December 2015.

The graphics and music have been made by Reptifur.

It has been released on the 17th of december 2015 on the Itch.io platform at: https://kooda.itch.io/cphys2015

It’s the very first polished game I ever made, and the very first completed game I made using CHICKEN Scheme.

It has been a very pleasant experience, it took approximately a month to build.


Crepes-party-hard-yolo-swag 2015 screenshot

Crepes-party-hard-yolo-swag 2015 screenshot



Auroz à l’envers talked about the game in one of his videos (in french):

Jupiter Hadley made a video about all the games made during the december 2015 1GameAMonth challenge, hence talked about the game:

She also wrote an article about her favourite games of december 2015, and listed the game there!


Source code

The game’s code is available under the GPLv3 license.

Assets are under the Creative Commons By-SA.

The game’s repository is available here.